Vintage Electric Bicycles

Coming Soon!

'Red Hills Rods & Classics' is proud to announce that we are now an 'Authorized Dealer' for Vintage Electric Bicycles !!

~ Buying a Vintage Electric bike is a life changing investment ~

We craft each bike to provide the ride of your life and to last for generations. With no insurance, registration or fuel costs hanging over your head, we provide the easiest, most exciting path to two wheeled adventures. Our world class products, concierge delivery, and unrivaled customer service make it easier than ever to enjoy the freedom of a new-era of transportation.

All of our models are engineered for speed, as Vintage Electric bikes are built from the ground up to out-perform all other electric bikes on the market. Our massively powerful lithium ion batteries paired with our potent direct drive rear hub motors are designed to ensure that your journey is as pleasurable as it can possibly be.

Lots of photos & details on different models coming very soon !!

Order your Vintage Electric Bicycle from 'Red Hills Rods & Classics' now, and get the 'Race Mode' free of charge !!

** Check out the video link below of Vintage Electric Bicycles being featured on Jay Leno's Garage **