1932 Ford Roadster w/ 1937 Mullins Trailer


No other American automobile has captured the hearts of so many folks as the 1932 Ford. From the earliest days of ‘Hot Rodding’, it became the original platform for young Hot Rod builders from coast to coast. Following on the tail of the Model A, the 1932 Ford Model B came into existence right in the middle of the Great Depression, but thanks to Ford’s development of the assembly line and to improvements in the production of sheet steel, the relatively new automobile had evolved from a high-priced luxury item to practical every-day transportation. The 1932 Ford became the perfect car for Hot Rodders to modify & customize, usually by lowering them, removing as much weight as possible by eliminating unnecessary parts, and treating them to elaborate paint jobs. The ‘Deuce’ was a favorite all the way through the late 1960’s where it began to get lots of media coverage w/ the Beach Boys hit song, ‘Little Deuce Coupe’, as well as starring as the most famous car in the smash-hit motion picture ‘American Graffiti’. The styling of the 1932 Ford is frequently credited to Briggs & Murray, who were contracted to build bodies for Ford Motor Company. It is generally agreed that Eugene Gregorie is the true designer of the ’32 Ford’s classic lines, as Henry Ford reputedly had little time for petty things such as design. Fortunately, his son Edsel not only cared about how the cars looked, he also had excellent taste. It was Edsel who hired Eugene Gregorie, resulting in numerous beautiful designs for Ford.

Ok, enough w/ the history lesson, let’s talk about the amazing vehicle you are looking at right now!

Red Hills Rods & Classics’ is proud to offer you this absolutely gorgeous 1932 Ford Hi-Boy Roadster, featuring an original & fully restored 1937 Mullins trailer. This car/trailer set-up is an absolute show-stopper folks! From the very start of the build, no corners were cut & no stone was left unturned. The all-steel body is by Rod Bods, and is laser straight from front to back & from front top to bottom, w/ absolutely no waves, ripples or character flaws whatsoever. Countless man-hours were spent ensuring that all of the body panels line up perfectly w/ precise gaps throughout. Features include: LeBaron Bonney 2” chopped top w/ stainless-steel top bows, custom 2” chopped windshield, Rootlieb hood w/ tapered louvers by Alan Johnson, original 1932 Ford grille & stainless grill insert, 1933 Ford hood handles, Ford brushed stainless-steel headlamps w/ turn signal indicators, frenched 1950 Pontiac taillights, frenched license plate, functional cowl vent, etc. She was then finished in Raven Black basecoat/clearcoat paint, which was buffed & polished to a mirror-like shine that is second to none. All of the stainless trim is in show-quality condition. The body sits on an original 1932 Ford frame w/ original stamped VIN. Chassis features include: Alan Johnson front radius arms, Alan Johnson rear radius arms, polished aluminum front drop axle, stainless front spindles, polished Kinmonts front disc brakes, solid stainless-steel cross bars front & rear, stainless front & rear sway bars, chrome shock absorbers, finned billet engine & transmission oil pans, custom hand-made stainless exhaust system w/ Magnaflow mufflers, etc. (please look at the undercarriage photos to see how beautifully everything was done and how much effort was put into building this car to the highest level). This ’32 Hi-Boy Roadster also has a perfect stance and sits on 16” Vintique black steel wheels w/ 1940 Ford hubcaps, wrapped in Excelsior Stahl Sport radial tires (7.50 x 16 in the rear & 5.00 x 16 up front).

Open the driver’s door and you will find an exquisite custom interior that is as unique as it is beautiful. Interior features include: diamond-stitched distressed black leather seat w/ matching door panels/rear panels, custom faux-wood metal dash w/ dual glove boxes, 1932 Plymouth gauge panel w/ original gauges rebuilt by Classic Instruments, Limeworks 1940 Ford-style steering column w/ custom-made banjo steering wheel, Classic Instruments vintage-style tachometer (mounted on steering column), Genie shifter w/ Alan Johnson drilled & polished shift lever, and plush black carpeting throughout. This is truly one of the loveliest interiors that you will ever see in a Hot Rod, and it is as functional as it is beautiful. The trunk area matches the interior beautifully w/ diamond-stitched side panels, battery w/ finned billet box, and plush black carpeting.

Now, let’s get to the heart of this beast, shall we?

Powering this one-of-a-kind Roadster is a 401ci Buick Nailhead motor w/ Dual Quads, dressed in gloss black paint w/ vintage finned valve & side covers. The 401 Buick Nailhead motor is as much of a showpiece as the rest of the car, and is linked to a completely rebuilt GM TH400 automatic transmission, which feeds power to the 9” Ford rear-end w/ 3.50 gears. She fires up instantly, settling into a nice smooth idle, and she runs, drives & performs beautifully in every way. The 401 Buick Nailhead delivers lots of power & torque, and absolutely purrs like a kitten. She also handles like a dream on the road, w/ no rattles, squeaks, vibrations or unwanted noises whatsoever. The Sanderson headers & custom stainless-steel exhaust system sounds excellent, and the custom Brassworks radiator keeps her running nice & cool even in 100+ summer weather. Also included is an original 1937 Mullins trailer, which was completely restored to ‘as new’ condition at a cost of over $20,000. It wears a set of black steel wheels & dog dish hubcaps, which match the ’32 Hi-Boy to a tee. The Raven Black paint on the trailer is as perfect as it is on the Roadster, and what a pair they make! A pile of receipts & paperwork on both the Roadster & the Mullins trailer will all go to the new owner.

This is a very unique package that will surely set you apart from all of the other Hot Rodders out there. If you have been searching for a high-end 1932 Ford Hi-Boy Roadster that was built to the highest possible standards, you will be hard pressed to find a finer example than this ’32 Ford Roadster/Mullins Trailer combo package!