1965 GMC C1000 Stepside Pickup


This certainly has to be one of the finest classic trucks that I have ever laid eyes on in my life, hands down, not to mention the rarity, originality and heavily documented history. I mean honestly, how many of these have you actually seen lately, or ever? Feast your eyes on this spectacular 1965 GMC C1000 Stepside Pickup, w/ only 34,000 original miles since purchased new by Louis Nason at O’Connor Motor Company in Augusta, Maine on April 23rd 1966. The original sale price including tax was $1,664, as noted on the original Dealership 'Bill Of Sale'. Louis did not use his new GMC pickup as a daily driver, but used it only as a utility vehicle, hauling loads, etc., when it was needed. Louis’s son Robert had a best friend named Brad who always admired the truck and would comment that he would love to own one just like it someday. When Louis passed away many years later in the year 2000, his son Robert took ownership of the GMC C1000 through the estate. At the time, the truck only had 33,856 miles and was in outstanding original condition. Robert’s childhood friend Brad had done well for himself in the construction business and approached Robert about purchasing the GMC w/ the intention of performing a complete nut & bolt restoration. Robert sold the truck to Brad, happy to see his dad’s old truck brought back to its former glory. Brad completed a no-expense spared restoration but the amazing fact is that besides the new chrome bumpers (the original were white), 95% of the truck is original, including all original sheet metal, original glass, original rubbers, original blinker lenses, original emblems, original rims and on & on! The original sheet metal was in outstanding condition and needed no patchwork or replacement whatsoever. The body was stripped, smoothed & primed for the original Dark Green color, which he wanted to be show quality from front to back. He wanted a paint job that would knock people’s socks off, and let me tell you that he succeeded in every way! The correct Dark Green paint is a mile deep and absolutely flawless. This 1965 GMC C1000 truly looks brand new! I am dead serious, you can walk around this pickup a hundred times and you will swear that it’s a brand new vehicle. The bed features brand new oak and brand new stainless trim, which looks sensational. The original rims were completely sanded & repainted to ‘As New’ condition. The originality continues into the interior. When you open the driver’s door, you will swear that it’s 1965 all over again. The correct Sand colored interior compliments the exterior so well and features such as original gauges, original steering wheel, original seat foam & springs, original rubber floor mat & original fuel tank behind the seat will boggle the mind. All interior items were fully restored in original colors & textures to give the truck that brand new feel. Open the hood and inside the correct & beautifully detailed engine bay resides the original 305ci V6 motor, including original carburetor and all of the original components that she was born with. The original motor did not need to be rebuilt, as compression was perfect and she runs like a champ! The motor was cleaned up, detailed and repainted to look like new. All of the brand new hoses, wires, belts, AC Delco battery, etc. are all factory correct and look perfect. The original 305ci motor is linked to the original 3-Speed manual transmission, which was completely rebuilt, cleaned & detailed, along with the original rear-end. All gas lines, brakes/brake lines, etc., were all replaced. This pickup starts, idles, runs & drives beautifully in every way and is an absolute BLAST to drive. The motor has loads of torque and pulls strong through all three gears. She shifts smooth and tight w/ no clunking sounds or weird noises whatsoever. Once Brad finished his truck, he only drove it to local car shows and a couple of local parades. He only accumulated about 200 miles on his perfect pickup and quite honestly was afraid to drive the truck, as it was so perfect. Amazingly, Brad traded his perfectly restored 1965 GMC C1000 Pickup truck back into O’Connor Motor Company on October 8th 2013, 47 years later! Pretty cool, huh? This incredible vehicle now sits on our showroom floor here in Saint George, Utah. Everyone who walks in and sees this GMC immediately falls in love with it. How can you not? We’ve got the Original Dealership Sales Contract, Original Protecto-Plate, Original Owners Manual w/ original plastic sleeve, Original GMC Directory, Original Registration showing transfer to Brad in 2000 and photos of the truck prior to the restoration. This is truly a one-of-a-kind classic truck that just can’t be denied. In a world full of Ford & Chevrolet pickup trucks, it’s very rare to see a classic GMC such as this. She’s got it all: flawless good looks, original qualities throughout, full-proof documentation and a drivability that is outstanding. Someone is going to get a very special 1965 GMC C1000 Stepside Pickup. Do not hesitate because she will not last long! Enclosed shipping is available anywhere in the world at the buyer’s expense.