1966 Chevrolet Nova SS 327/350hp L79


If you happen to be an avid American classic car collector, there is no way around the fact that the car you are viewing right now is an absolute ‘must have’ for any serious muscle car afficiando, especially for you Bowtie fanatics!

Red Hills Rods & Classics’ is very proud to offer you this investment-grade, all numbers-matching, frame-off restored, and fully documented 1966 Chevrolet Nova SS 327/350hp L79, finished in arguably the rarest and most sought after factory color of Tuxedo Black (Code AA). Ask yourself how many documented, numbers-matching, factory Tuxedo Black L79 Novas are truly left out there? The fact is that 99.9% of them are clones or recreations, so to acquire a ‘real’ documented numbers-matching example is about as rare as it gets!

Not wanting to take a back seat to the other manufacturers, Chevrolet upped the ante in 1966 and redesigned the Chevy II, since it had been five years since the last make-over. The big news was the 327/350hp L79 motor now being offered in the Chevy II, which features: 11:1 compression, forged pistons, big-valve heads, and an aluminum intake manifold w/ a 600 cfm Holley 4-barrel carburetor. The 350hp rating was quite conservative to say the least. The L79 camshaft provides excellent throttle response, a great power curve, and a lumpy 800-rpm speed idle to boot. At the time, it quickly became the hot ticket for any self-respecting small-block Chevy owner. The free-revving L79 is a storm-trooper from 2,400 rpm all the way to 5,800 rpm, and often leaves the big block cars in its dust! The L79 motor looks great too, w/ a chromed dual-snorkel air cleaner, chrome rocker covers, and a chrome oil filler cap at the front of the aluminum intake manifold. GM even did the exhaust right, w/ duals and resonators for that raspy sound.

This gorgeous example underwent a comprehensive frame-off restoration which resulted in the stunning car you are looking at now. All of the original rust-free sheet metal is absolutely ‘laser’ straight from front to back, w/ a perfect glassy appearance that is second to none. There are absolutely no waves and/or ripples anywhere on the car. The correct Tuxedo Black paint appears to be a mile-deep w/ a rich lustrous shine that simply cannot be improved upon, and the chrome & stainless trim is in show-quality condition throughout. The car was a 51,000 original mile example in excellent condition before the restoration began, so several original trim pieces such as the side rocker panels and rear trim panel were left as-is, and look beautiful. Also, the original glass is still in place and looks excellent, which is amazing for being 55 old. She sits on the original 14” steel wheels w/ the original full-size ‘SS’ hubcaps wrapped w/ Bridgestone Silvertown 1” white-wall tires (6.95 x 14). You can walk around this L79 Nova SS a hundred times and you will not find a bad angle. She is absolutely gorgeous! The undercarriage is highly detailed throughout, just like the rest of the car, and is ready to show @ any national-level automobile event.

Open the driver’s door and you will find a beautifully restored black vinyl bucket seat interior w/ 4-speed console. When you slide inside, it feels like 1966 all over again, w/ everything appearing factory correct throughout. All of the original gauges, lights, blinkers, etc., are in perfect working condition. Even the original clock works beautifully and the lighter pops out hot! Factory correct seat belts in front & back round out the perfect Nova SS interior. The trunk area is as tidy as the rest of the car, and includes the spare wheel, spare tire, original jack assembly, OEM trunk mat and correct deck lid stickers in place.

Now let’s get to the really important stuff, shall we?

Open the hood and nestled inside the beautifully detailed engine bay you will find the original numbers-matching 327/350hp motor (suffix code F0216ZI and partial VIN) dressed up correctly w/ chromed dual-snorkel air cleaner, chrome rocker covers, etc., linked to the original numbers matching Muncie 4-speed transmission (Muncie code P0222 and partial VIN), which feeds power to the original numbers matching 3.31 Positraction 12-bolt rear end (BS 0224 G). These are original stampings, not the re-stamped nonsense that you will find on 99.9% of L79 Novas. All date codes line up perfectly and all stampings on the motor, transmission & rear-end match the original Protecto-Plate. For the serious buyer, I have photos of these stampings, along w/ the stampings on the bellhousing, alternator, intake manifold, Holley carburetor, exhaust manifolds, starter, water neck, wiper motor, etc. She fires up instantly w/ the flick of the wrist, sitting @ 1400-1500 rpm while it warms up, and w/ a slight tap of the accelerator goes down to around 800 rpm and idles smoothly. She runs, drives & performs beautifully in every way, and is an absolute BLAST to drive!

As I am sure you know, original documentation is of vital importance for any rare collector car, especially in regards to muscle cars that are so often cloned or faked. Paperwork on this beautiful 1966 Chevrolet Nova SS L79 includes: original Warranty Protection booklet w/ original Protecto-Plate (includes the original key from the dealership taped inside), original Owner’s Manual, (2) original Chevy II Accessory booklets, (2) original Dealership brochures, original 1966 Chevrolet Paint Chip chart, original 1966 Chevy II Service Manual, original 1966 Chevy II Overhaul Manual, and extensive title history going back to when it sold new @ Roger Dean Chevrolet in Charleston, West Virginia, on March 21, 1966.

If you have been searching for a ‘real’ numbers matching & fully documented 1966 Nova SS L79, I’m sure that you realize by now that the search can be quite frustrating as you sift through all of the clones and made-up cars that are being advertised as the real-deal. Finding a fully documented factory (Code AA) Tuxedo Black ’66 Nova L79 that fits the criteria that I’ve mentioned is nearly impossible, as the few remaining examples that exist are firmly tucked away in high-end collections, never to see the light of day. There are only (2) other examples of 'real' fully documented, numbers matching factory Tuxedo Black 1966 Nova SS L79 cars that have gone through auction, one selling @ MECUM in 2013 for $195,000 ($207,500 after commissions), and an unrestored one-owner example that bid up to $175,000 @ MECUM in 2014, but was a 'No Sale'. This is a very rare opportunity to acquire one of the most sought-after Chevrolet muscle cars ever produced. This special 1966 Chevrolet Nova SS 327/350hp L79 is an investment-grade classic that will only continue to appreciate in value as the years pass. Don’t let this rare opportunity slip by!