1994 Ford SVT Lightning


The 1st Generation Ford F150 SVT Lightning was designed to go head-to-head with several performance based GM vehicles, primarily the GMC Syclone & the Chevrolet 454 SS. Ford's marketing team also saw this as a great opportunity to broaden the image of the Ford F150, potentially increasing the truck's appeal to buyers interested in more ‘sporty’ concepts. SVT engineers set out to design a vehicle that combined performance and capability, a truck with mustang like performance and the capability that F-series were known for. A modified 351 Windsor V-8 was chosen to power the 1st Generation Lightning, which was produced in the USA for three years, 1993 through 1995. While only 11,563 Lightings were produced during this period, Ford's message was heard loud and clear.

Red Hills Rods & Classics’ is thrilled to offer you this absolutely pristine 1994 Ford SVT Lightning pickup finished in its factory original Raven Black paint, with only 2,393 original miles since new! Only 4,007 Ford SVT Lightning pickup trucks were produced in 1994, with only 1,165 of them being Raven Black trucks. This truck is a ‘time-capsule’ in every sense of the word! I purchased this Ford SVT Lightning pickup with only 197 original miles from the original owner, Teddy Beck from Milford, New Jersey. Teddy purchased the truck from Fullerton Ford with 110 miles and then drove it home, which was about an 80-mile drive. He then stored his new truck in the garage and never drove it again. He would start the truck once a month and back it out into the driveway, let it run for a few minutes, then pull it back in. He stored the truck on jack stands so that the tires would not get flat spots.

I purchased the truck from Mr. Beck earlier this year with only original 197 miles on the clock, and immediately fell in love. I decided to keep the truck for a while to drive & enjoy it a little bit over the summer. The first generation Ford Lightning has always been one of my all-time favorite vehicles, this one being the fifth example that I’ve had the pleasure of owning. The first thing that I did was remove the mint ‘like new’ Firestone Firehawk GTA P275/60HR17 tires, as they no longer produce these tires and the set on this truck were absolutely flawless w/ no sign of dry rot, etc. I purchased a brand new set of Goodyear Eagle P275/60/R17 tires, which look great and drive beautifully. I then replaced the battery with the correct OEM Motorcraft battery, changed all of the fluids, and recharged the air conditioning system. The last thing I did was tint the windows, which I think looks awesome and keeps the interior nice & cool. I then drove & enjoyed the truck for several months, pampering it as I would one of my high-end classic cars. It is now time for someone else to enjoy this wonderful pickup, and hopefully care for it as meticulously as I have.

This 1994 Ford SVT Lightning is absolutely gorgeous inside & out. Please look closely at the photos and judge for yourself. The interior looks as though it has never been sat in it, and all of the gauges, lights, blinkers, stereo, cruise control, air-conditioning, everything works perfectly! This truck drives like a brand new vehicle, which it basically is, and you will be amazed at how much attention it gets! All of the original documentation will go with the truck, including: original Dealer Contract Of Sale, original Odometer Statement, original owners manual(s), original owners Warranty Authorization Card, original Preferred Care Roadside Assistance card & brochure, original Firestone Tire Maintenance Warranty, original Consumer Information sheet, (2) original dealer brochures, (2) original Key Fobs (one still in plastic), Certificate Of Authenticity from Ford, and AMT 1994 Ford SVT Lightning model. Of course, the original Firestone Firehawk GTA P275/60HR17 tires will go to the new owner as well.

I am thoroughly convinced that this is the finest low-mile 1994 Ford SVT Lightning pickup available anywhere @ any price, period! Of course, you will find the CARFAX to be spotless! Someone is going to get a very special vehicle, period!

Enclosed shipping is available anywhere in the world at the buyer’s expense.