Custom-Built '427' Cammer Motor


Have you been searching for just the right powerplant to put into that high-end Ford project, maybe a 1963-1967 Ford Galaxie or Ford Fairlane? Or maybe you are building a 1967 Mustang and want to separate yourself from all of the other guys out there? Well it just doesn’t get any better than this folks!

Red Hills Rods & Classics’ is thrilled to offer you this all-aluminum 427ci Cammer motor built by the legendary Bill Coon, a name that is synonymous with these ‘Single Overhead Cam’ monster motors.

In 1964, Ford & Chrysler were in a battle for supremacy on the NASCAR circuit. Ford had won the majority of the races in ‘64 thanks to it's 427 Hi-Riser motor, but Richard Petty scored an upset victory at the Daytona 500 using the new Chrysler 426 HEMI engine. Even more impressive, HEMI-powered cars finished first, second & third at the race & threatened to change the entire power-balance within NASCAR racing. Ford’s answer to the potent, game-changing HEMI engine was the 427 SOHC Cammer (Single Overhead Cam), an engine that not only changed the game but also changed the rules in NASCAR racing. Based essentially on the 427 Hi-Riser short-block, the 427 SOHC utilized a forged steel crankshaft and ‘hemi-head’ pistons. The biggest change came on the top-end where a single overhead camshaft was placed over each of the redesigned & fully machined hemispherical-style cylinder heads. An idler shaft replaced the camshaft on the inside of the engine & drove the distributor & oil pump, while a set of non-drilled steel bushings replaced the three rear cam bearings to seal off the oil passages. The new overhead cam engine went from concept to reality in just 90 days! Although part of the Ford FE engine family, the 427 SOHC was essentially hand-built for racing yet never made it to a NASCAR-sanctioned event. Because of strong protests from the Chrysler camp, NASCAR threatened significant weight handicaps on Cammer-powered Galaxies, and the engine was eventually banned outright from competition. However, the 427 SOHC achieved success on the drag racing circuit into the 1970s and served as the foundation for several supercharged Top Fuel Dragsters. Today, the ‘CAMMER’ is limited to vintage drag racing series. Although many 427 SOHC-powered Ford Galaxie prototypes appeared from 1964-67, the SOHC Cammer never graced a showroom floor before Ford had it discontinued. However, the 427 SOHC served as the forefather of the late-model Ford SOHC & DOHC mod motors.

Again, this particular 427 Cammer motor was built by Bill Coon using all of the best components available, and has never been installed in a vehicle. It was given a light dyno pull after completion and she made 551 Lbs/Ft. Torque @ 3000 rpm & 690 hp @ 6000 rpm! A short list of parts & components includes: Shelby race-prepped aluminum block, 4340 forged steel crank 4.25 stroke, set of 4240 forged H-Beam Rods w/ ARP cap screws, set of Diamond forged pistons 10.5 to 1, set of total seal gapless rings, deep sump oil pan w/ pick up tube, set of lifter block-offs, set of assembled Coon heads, set of Comp camshafts, set of T&D rockers, set of Coon shafts & clips, Dove intake manifold w/ dual 4V plate, (2) 600 cfm Holley carburetors engineered by BSJ, Dove inner & outer cover, pair of precision access covers, Coon gear & chain set, Coon stub cam & cover w/ bearing, set of Coon valve covers, set of spark plug tubes, Coon water neck, aluminum water pump, Precision chain adjustor, Precision adjustor bolt & lock, Precision cam lock plates, SFI fluid dampener, crankshaft spacer & oil slinger, and on & on!

Being an all-aluminum block, this monster weighs less than a small block w/ the cubic inches of a big block, and can turn 9000 rpm w/ (2) 600 cfm carburetors! Again, if you are searching for an awesome powerplant for your FOMOCO project, I promise that you will be the coolest guy on the block when you pull up with a ‘CAMMER’ under your hood!

Shipping is available upon request!