'Jesse James' 1932 Ford Dry Lakes Roadster


This is a very special opportunity to acquire one of the most perfect examples of a modern-day Dry Lakes Roadster, built by a man who has the vision & expertise to create such a masterpiece.

Red Hills Rods & Classics’ is thrilled to present this beautiful 1932 Ford Roadster, built in the Dry Lakes style by the legendary ‘Jesse James’ & the talented crew @ the ‘Austin Speed Shop’ in Austin, Texas. The complete build of this amazing vehicle was featured on the television show ‘Jesse James: Outlaw Garage’ on Discovery Channel in 2012. Jesse had acquired the original all-steel 1932 Ford Roadster body & original chassis years ago, which had previous racing history, and was waiting for the right time to create something special. The perfect opportunity arose when he decided to put his crew to the test @ his newly acquired ‘Austin Speed Shop’, and on television no less! Let me back up and provide a little bit of history about dry lakes racing.

One of the most unique chapters in American motorsports began on the sun baked dry lakebeds of the Mojave Desert. The sport of Land Speed Racing was born in Southern California in the 1920s when early Hot-Rodders searched for ways to push the envelope of speed, taking advantage of homegrown automotive technology and better racetracks. The first adventurous drivers drove just about anything that rolled under its own power to the dry lakes, but the early favorites were hopped-up Model T’s. The early Dry Lake racers were less concerned about precision timing or setting records than with the sheer exhilaration of running their cars wide-open! The Dry Lakes that dotted the Mojave Desert had long, unobstructed stretches of flat, hard-packed surfaces that were ideal for attaining a car's maximum speed. Muroc Dry Lake (now called Rogers Dry Lake), northeast of Lancaster, was the favorite spot for speed trials beginning in the late 1920s. Although the match races were definitely crowd pleasers, they were also very dangerous. In 1937, a group of Los Angeles area car clubs merged and formed the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA). By mid-1938, there were 23 clubs in the group that went on to become the pre-eminent sanctioning body of Land Speed Racing. The SCTA held its first organized event on May 15, 1938, at Muroc Dry Lake. More than 300 stripped-down & hopped-up cars roared across the lake bed and a new era of dry lake racing began! The style & design of these stripped down racers has always been a favorite among the true Hot Rod aficionados, and many of those early race cars formed the foundation for what a true Hot Rod is really suppose to be.

Fast forward to 2012, when Jesse James said goodbye to the glitz & glamour of Hollywood and moved back to Austin, Texas. With the help of some of the world’s top car customizers, he partnered up with the ‘Austin Speed Shop’, and never looked back. The guys at the ‘Austin Speed Shop’ were a little reluctant about doing a reality TV show, and that’s one of the things Jesse liked about them. He challenged his crew to build a one-of-a-kind 1932 Ford Roadster in just a few weeks, a job that should take a year to complete. The final result was the creation of this ground breaking one-of-a-kind 1932 Ford Dry Lakes Roadster, a visual masterpiece that looks like it was built in 1940.

The body & paint are exceptional, and the colors that Jesse decided upon really make this car quite unique. The Plum & Vintage Green color combination is amazing & really gives the Roadster that 1940’s vintage look & feel. The original 1932 Ford chassis has a low & aggressive stance, is kicked up nicely in the rear, and simply looks out of this world! Of course, Jesse hand-built many of the components such as the laid-back DuVall style windshield, the sleek single-bar grille that reads ‘Jesse James’, to the one-off hand-crafted aluminum gas tank in the trunk, which is an absolute piece of art! The Cowl Steering & E&J headlamps are also extremely cool! She sits on 16" Vintage Steel Wheels w/ Smooth Discs wrapped w/ Firestone Deluxe Champion tires, which look perfect on this Roadster.

The interior is simple & very clean w/ beautiful tan leather seats w/ seat belts, vintage Stewart Warner gauges, 1940 Ford steering wheel w/ quick-release system, aluminum door panels & lots of one-off aluminum parts sprinkled throughout. The interior is very comfortable & quite functional. I am 6’2” / 210 Lbs. & I fit comfortably w/ plenty of legroom to spare. Now let’s get to the meat & potatoes shall we?

This Roadster is powered by a custom built 1950 Ford Flathead V8 built by the legendary ‘Vern Tardel’, author of ‘How To Build A Traditional Hot Rod’. Please look closely at the photos to see the cool vintage parts & components that were used on this motor. Not only does it run very strong, but it is also the best sounding Flathead V8 that you will ever hear in your life! The one-off hand crafted stainless steel exhaust system done by the ‘Austin Speed Shop’ crew is another piece of art & will probably never be duplicated. The Flathead is linked to a Doug Nash 5-Speed Manual Transmission, which feeds power to a Magnesium Halibrand Quick Change Rear End. She starts, idles, runs & drives like a champion, and is an absolute BLAST to drive!

There is a plethora of information on the Internet about this one-of-a-kind ’32 Roadster, and you can watch the actual TV show anytime on YouTube! Of course, this vehicle is titled as a 1932 Ford Roadster because that is exactly what it is, so registration & insurance is no problem at all. Remember, this is a ‘real’ 1932 all Henry Ford steel Roadster, not a ‘Brookville’ or one of the other aftermarket steel body manufacturers that are cranking out their product. The original 1932 Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) stamped onto the top of the frame rail is quite visible, not hidden like on so many other Hot Rods. The vehicle is still titled in ‘Jesse James’ name, so whoever purchases this amazing Roadster will receive his original title. Again, this is a very special opportunity to acquire a real 1932 Ford Roadster, built by someone who knows how to built cars right! If you are searching for a traditional Hot Rod that is simply the best of the best, look no further!

Enclosed shipping is available anywhere in the world at the buyer’s expense.