1940 Ford Sedan Foose's 'Alien 40' - $149,950

Every once in a while, a special opportunity comes along that usually disappears just as quickly as it appeared. Most times, you will wait too long pondering and miss out, only to look back over & over again for the rest of your life wondering why you didn't move quicker and grasp this opportunity while you had the chance. If you are a Classic Car or Hot Rod fanatic, this is one of those incredible opportunities. This is that rare moment where you can actually acquire a piece of 'automotive history'. Red Hills Rods and Choppers is proud to offer you this gorgeous 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery known as the 'Alien 40', designed by none other than Chip Foose, and built by his dad, Sam Foose. If I have to tell you who these guys are, this is probably not the car for you. This beautiful Kustom Sedan has won countless 'First Place' awards and has been featured in numerous national automotive publications over the last 20 years or so. It has been all over the world and admired by thousands of smiling faces. Simply stated: this 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery is very special. There is just so much to discuss, but I will try and give you a short version and go back to the beginning. The original all-steel 1940 Ford Sedan body was discovered & purchased in 1992 from the second owner who had it covered in a garage in Northern California (Bay Area) for over 35 years. After the deal was consummated, the '40 Ford was transported to Sam Foose's shop and stripped of all of its original black paint, to begin its transformation. While the body was removed from the frame, Chassis Tech built a completely new modified frame using the existing frame rails (which were boxed in) to accommodate a modern Ford driveline. The bodywork is extensive to say the least, as every piece of sheet metal had to be modified to perform to Chip's design. The fenders were radiused & peaked, the roof was completely reshaped & modernized, removing the old bulbous look and now featuring a BMW sunroof, the front end was cut to lean back w/ hood wedge cut 5”, the rear end cut to lean forward, all windows were enlarged w/ window frames rebuilt, the doors were reshaped & lengthened over 8” & 'B' pillar slanted forward. The running boards were hand built from scratch and formed to mate w/ the fenders without molding them together, giving it a coke-bottle side view rather than just straight. All moldings including headlight, taillight bezels and integrated mirrors were all one-off hand built items, as is the hand built rear roll pan w/ inset license plate mount. Again, every piece of sheet metal on this car was touched and formed to meet Chip's beautiful design. It is 100% all–steel from front to back. Hours were spent mixing paint to come up with the one off Yellow shade that was used. The color looks outstanding and really fits the body design. The bottom line: there is not another 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery anywhere on earth that is quite like this one. Powering this incredible Sedan is a Ford SVO 351ci motor, built by Ford Racing specifically for this car. Features include: billet crank shaft, 10:1 pistons, aluminum high flow heads, stainless steel valves, 1.60 & 1.94 ratio w/ 1.6 rockers, Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold, Holley 675cfm carburetor, Street & Performance custom built ceramic coated headers, and on and on. Linked to this custom built motor is a Richmond 5-Speed manual transmission, which feeds power to the Currie 9” 31-spline rear axle. Custom cross members were built for the Richmond 5-Speed w/ anti-sway bars on the front & rear, Posie springs, Gas shocks, etc. I could go on & on but I think you get the idea. The car hit the show circuit and took home too many top honors to list. There has only been one owner since the original build and he has thoroughly enjoyed his Foose built Sedan, clocking over 16,000 miles from 1994 to 2010. When it was time for a face-lift, Sam Foose was retired and no longer had his world famous shop, so the Sedan was brought to Divers Street Rods, owned by renowned Riddler winning builder, Tim Divers. The Sedan was completely disassembled by Divers Street Rods in 2010 and completed in 2011. Updates consisted of: brand new expensive paint job (original color used by Foose), all stainless items re-chromed, frame & components re-coated, new larger disc brakes, new custom one-off 20” wheels, new Firestone tires, all-new wiring system, completely new custom leather/suede interior, new Vintage AC & heating system, new Stereo system w/ JBL speakers, complete motor detailing & repaint to match the wheels, etc. This was an expensive redo and Divers Street Rods is one of the best! The car is basically all brand new with less than 100 mile since the redo. As I stated earlier, this Sedan has won countless awards and has been featured in lots of magazines but it has not been shown since it left Divers Street Rods. Again, there is not another Ford Sedan Delivery anywhere in the world that can match the extensive professional work that this car has had. Nearly $295,000 has been spent to create the vehicle you are looking at. The paperwork and provenance that goes with the car is extensive, including: original Chip Foose renderings, awards, magazines, write-ups, etc. Serious buyers can call me anytime to discuss exactly what items will go w/ the car. Again, for serious Hot Rodders, there are very few names that can compete with the likes of Chip & Sam Foose! When the opportunity comes along to acquire a vehicle that was designed by Chip and built by Sam, well let me just say that those opportunities are far & few between. This may be your only chance. This 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery is for someone who only wants the best. Are you that someone? Enclosed shipping is available anywhere in the world at the buyer's expense.


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